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Fluctuating blood pressure is a warning sign for a stroke


Frequent fluctuations in the blood pressure can increase the risk of heart strokes in humans, researchers said. Fluctuation in the blood pressure must be taken seriously as it is something more than continuous higher readings. This recent research has raised many concerns and the Stroke Association will now be changing their guidelines.

Study leader Peter Rothwell said: “What we’re saying is, don’t discount that one-off high blood pressure reading.” Talking about the recommended changes in the guidelines, medical director at the British Health Foundation, Professor Peter said: “Current practice is not wrong, but this might add a new measure to help doctors make decisions on who to treat for hypertension and which drug to use.”

The study also stated that the doctors need to be very careful with the right diagnosis of blood pressure and they should not ignore the rising blood pressure of the patient. Doctors are finding it quiet challenging as after this research, it has become important to prescribe those drugs which can stabilize the blood pressure levels.

Professor Rothwell was quoted as saying, “At the moment, the guidelines for GPs say not to believe a one-off unusual reading, to bring the patient back and measure again, and as long as it’s not consistently high, there is no need to treat.”

Celebrities who have suffered a stroke include Dick Clark.

A study has found stroke victims can learn to speak again through singing. Another study suggests chocolate lovers are at a lower risk of having a stroke.


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