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Flaxseed can help deal with high cholesterol levels in men


A study conducted by a team of researchers at the Iowa State University has found that making flaxseeds a part of routinely diet helps reduce the cholesterol level in men.  According to, the study was conducted upon 90 people who were dealing with high levels of cholesterol. During the study, the volunteers were told to consume three tablespoons of flaxseeds which counts for 150 milligrams. However, the flaxseeds did not help in cutting down cholesterol in women.

As per, the group of researchers believed that although the effect of these seeds could lower cholesterol by only 10 to 20 percent over a course of three months, flaxseeds could well be seen as a viable natural option to deal with cholesterol. Speaking about the latest discovery, Suzanne Hendrich, one of the lead researchers said: “Because there are people who can’t take something like Lipitor, this could at least give you some of that cholesterol-lowering benefit. The other thing is, there are certainly some people who would prefer to not use a drug, but rather use foods to try to maintain their health. So this potentially would be something to consider.”

The next step for the researchers is to examine whether one can consume flaxseeds together with some other food stuff which is capable of fighting cholesterol levels.

Celebrities who have had heart surgery include Michael Lohan, Burt Reynolds,Bill Clinton and Robin Williams.


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