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Firm handshake hints at longer life


A recent study has brought to fore a revelation that might change the way people shake hands with others. According to, a team of British scientists have discovered that just a simple handshake can determine whether an individual will have a long or short life. In other words, the strength of a handshake can determine life expectancy.

Researchers at the Medical Research Council accessed the disposition of volunteers from 33 countries who were in the age bracket of 18 to 80 years.

According to, the study also examined the way people get up from sitting in a chair and their style of walking. Their ability to grip something as well as the pace at which they get up or walk also helped determine their life expectancy.

Commenting on the findings, researcher Dr Rachel Cooper said: “Simple non-invasive assessment measures like these, that are linked to current and future health, could help doctors identify those most vulnerable to poor health in later life and who may benefit from early intervention to keep them active for longer,” However, the panel of scientists added that further research is required to establish a clinical prediction of the survival rate among younger counterparts.

Images: US Army on and MJTR Flikr

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