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Fat leads to physical inactivity in children, says a study


According to a recent research, lack of exercise is not the reason for the children becoming obese, reports The researchers at Peninsula Medical School and University of Plymouth have claimed that children become less physically active if they are obese and are not obese due to being inactive.

The study was conducted on 200 seven year old children for a span of three years. After the research it was found out that the body fat of the child could help in predicting the level of activity in the next three years but the activity levels could not predict changes in the body fat in the same span of time.

According to, this study implies that the best thing to do to control the growing obesity problem in children is to make sure that they do not eat more and consume a healthy diet. Physical activity too should be encouraged. Both, a balanced diet and exercise will pave a way to a healthy body.

This study however does not imply that physical activity has no benefit at all. The researchers are of the belief that fatness results in physical inactivity and they explain this with ‘reverse causality’.

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