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Excessive alcohol consumption could lead to cancer


A recent study has revealed that abuse of excessive amounts of alcohol may lead to cancer and premature aging. According to, a decrease in telomeres can be held responsible for several health problems including cancer. Telomeres are the DNA regions found at the end of chromosomes which help maintain the stability of the genes. The research study has found that alcohol consumption drastically affects the length of telomere.

As per, the team of researchers examined DNA serum of a group of adult alcohol drinkers, all in the same age group with similar lifestyles including diet and stress levels. They were divided into two groups depending on the amount of alcohol consumption. While one group had a routine alcohol consumption of four to five drinks, the other group indulged in more alcohol consumption.

The findings of the research revealed that the group which consumed excessive amount of alcohol had drastically shortened telomere as compared to the other group. Excessive abuse of alcohol is also linked to inflammation and oxidative stress which also lead to telomere shortening. “The decrease we found in telomere length is very sharp, and we were surprised to find such a strong effect at the cellular level,” explained Andrea Baccarelli, lead researcher.

Celebrities who have battled cancer include Rod Stewart, Lance ArmstrongBob Marley and Robert DeNiro.


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