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Erratic sleeping habits in kids responsible for teenage drug abuse


A recent study has found that children who are sleepless during their growing years are more at risk of falling under the loop of drugs later in life. According to, kids between the age group of three to five years who have erratic sleeping patterns or find it hard to sleep comfortably at night tend to continue this sleeping pattern into their late teenage years.

It was found that this extremely erratic sleeping pattern for a stretched period of time was highly responsible for drug as well as alcohol abuse in these children when they enter their adulthood. The study has been conducted by the researchers at the Idaho State University.

As per, the findings from the study also suggested that collective tiredness over the years was responsible for development of the habits of alcohol, drugs and cigarette abuse among boys of 18 to 21 years while the same erratic sleeping habits during the growing years was more likely to lead girls of same years to an alcohol problem.

“Overtiredness and sleep trouble predicted the onset of alcohol, cigarette, and illicit drug use by boys and the onset of alcohol use only among girls.” said Maria Wong, researcher at the Idaho State University.

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