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Earth Day reminds us of our responsibilities


Today, on Earth Day, we are reminded how important it is to protect our planet. Many celebrities live by example, by going green, and by calling attention to be more careful when it comes living our every day lives.

Good solutions that make a difference to our planet are endless: Going organic. Purchasing food at smaller retailers in your neighborhood will stop the production and the use of plastic bags at grocery stores. Don’t drink your coffee on the go from a styrofoam cup. Buying organic bananas because it saves a species of birds. Buying coffee that was grown in the shade so that rainforest doesn’t need be cleared to make room for the sun to shine on the plants.

We, however, would like to call to your attention to your diet. Changing what you eat, and substituting regular ingriedients for organic ones has many benefits for your health, but it also benefits our planet.

Put aside your burgers, put aside those soft drinks, and ditch those microwavable meals: America has long battled an obesity problem, which is spreading across the globe at an alarming rate, and today might just be the day for you to reconsider your health and your diet.

Eating fast food is so unhealthy for our bodies: it’s a calorie bomb full of fats and carbohydrates – and the worst part is, after we’ve grabbed it from our fast food joint of choice, we ditch the wrappers and bags the food comes in.

Maybe a healthier diet, that includes fresh produce (that doesn’t come serve in single servings wrapped up in loads of paper of plastic) is the better choice here. We’re consuming food that is much better for our bodies and our waistlines, and we’re not producing as much trash.

Click here for more reasons why going organic is good for our planet.

On Earth Day we’d just like to point out that our planet is our home, and we need to do what we can to sustain it. And, if something as simple as making a choice to live healthy and eat a proper healthy diet with organic produce can make a difference to both our planet and our lives (with immediate results on the scales), well then it is definitely worth mentioning on our website.

So follow the example of celebrities who go green, celebrities who eat organic produce, and make a change we can live happily with.

Among some of the greenest celebrities is Oprah Winfrey, who has also dieted and lost weight after battling weight issues. Click to see the greenest celebrities at

Celebrities who have made changes in their lives to lose weight include Kirstie Alley, Sara Rue and Sharon Osbourne.

Here are some diet ideas to get you started.

The Raw Food Diet

The South Beach Diet

The Macrobiotic Diet

The vegan diet

The Mediterranean Diet

Click for a full list of diets.

From all of us here at CWD: Happy Earth Day!


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