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Drinking excessive cola may lead to infertility

A recent study conducted by Danish researchers has revealed that drinking about a litre of cola daily could hamper the sperm count in men.  According to, the researchers found that men who were habitual of consuming a litre of cola everyday recorded for 30 percent lower sperm count as compared to men who did not drink cola drinks on daily basis. Lesser sperm count is generally blamed for infertility in men.
As per, the research was conducted on about 2500 young men who were examined to know the negative impact of caffeine content present in the cold drinks on the male reproductive system. However, it was found that the caffeine content can not be held responsible for infertility in men because the component is also present in coffee and that too in higher quantity and coffee does not lead to infertility or lower sperm count.
The research was conducted by a team of researchers at the Copenhagen University Hospital, located in Denmark. However, scientists also considered certain other factors including unhealthy lifestyle in men for lower sperm count. Kold Jensen, the lead author of the study said the research has been conducted on a closed group of men and that further studies will help uncover more facts about sperm count and infertility in males.
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