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Disposable cutlery and dishware can cause cancer


The disposable containers used by various food chains contain various amounts of harmful chemicals. A recent study has brought to the fore that as much as 30 percent of these use-and-throw containers are sub standard. According to, only  10 percent of the total use-and-throw dishware offered in the market is made from the pulp of the paper which was found to be safe to be used but costs more than the dishware made from the plastic and foam which make for about 45 percent of the disposable containers’ market share.

The samples which were sent for further analysis and tests found that the dishware contained high content of minerals including ceresin wax and talcum powder. As per, these substances if brought into contact with oil and food, can lead to cancer.

Also, the study revealed that if paraffin wax is used in the production of disposable dishware, it can prove to be carcinogenic. Apparently, the high margin of the profit is the force that runs this illegal business of cheap disposable dishware. Dong Jinshi, the vice president of the International Food Packaging Association (IFPA), based in Hong Kong said “Consumers might not be willing to go to court for something cheaper than 1 yuan, which partly resulted in the manufacturers’ weak legal consciousness.”

Celebrities who have battled cancer include Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue, Sharon Osbourne and Christina Applegate.

Images:,; Author: Daniel Case

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