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Dieting can lead to heart diseases

A recent study has revealed that people who go on diet stints are more likely to have deadly health problems including cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. According to, dieting results in increased production of cortisol hormones responsible for causing stress. In addition, higher exposure to this hormone was also found to be responsible for increase in weight.
As per, calorie conscious people are more at risk of affecting their mental state due to the high psychological stress of constantly keeping a tab on what they eat. The study was conducted by researchers at the Minnesota University and California University in San Francisco. The team of researchers undertook about 121 women and kept them on a controlled diet of about 1200 calories per day for a period of three weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks, a saliva test was done which revealed that there was a considerable increase in the cortisol hormone.
“Chronic stress, in addition to promoting weight gain, has been linked with coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Dieting might potentially add to this stress burden and its consequences would best not be ignored” the researchers said.

Celebrities who have battled weight problems include Oprah WinfreyKirstie Alley and Sharon Osbourne.

Celebrities with heart problems include Robin Williams and Bill Clinton.

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