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Diabetes drug may help treat cancer


A recent study has revealed that a diabetes drug may help treat cancer.

According to, the popular drug Metformin, which is given to type 2 diabetic patients, has more to it than researchers thought.

Metformin blocks glucose production while increasing sensitivity towards insulin, an important hormone which converts glucose into energy. So far, consumption of metformin is restricted to treating diabetes by making better use of insulin.

The latest study has given insight into the drug’s proficiency in curtailing the effects of various enzymes which are responsible for the development of major tumors in the body. It was conducted by a group of researchers at the UC’s Metabolic Diseases Institute and is to be published in the Cell Metabolism journal.

Diabetes drug Metformin could be effective in treating cancer

According to, the latest study has led to the discovery of the fact that people who consume Metformin remain protected against the development of tumors.

The drug provides tumor suppressing results without interfering with the insulin control system. The team of researchers considers the new findings to be a breakthrough which may lead to wider use of the popular diabetes drug in treating cancer.

“Metformin is already prescribed to 100 million people worldwide, and our study raises the question, ‘Could this drug be used even more widely?’ concluded Professor George Thomas, one of the researchers.

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