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Curing ADHD: organic food is better than Ritalin


If ever there was a good reason to steer children away from processed foods, especially candy type snacks then ADHD is it. While studies have tried to connect certain food dyes, sugar, dextrose and high-fructose corn syrup with ADHD it seems that many other factors such as mineral deficiency are also to blame.

Nutrition is a vital part of our daily lives and an unhealthy diet leads to an unhealthy mind and body. Most people don’t realise that the majority of supermarket food, even the stuff labelled as healthy, is not.

Most drugs are only effective because of the natural elements they contain.

Wholesome, raw, natural foods are the best thing to eat as they are exactly as nature intended them. Eating organic food is a sure fire way to avoid developing food addictions which substances like sugar and MSG encourage.

One particular study of ADHD by Dr. Max Gomez follows the behavioural and eating patterns of seven-year-old Annabella Surovcik who was at the point of driving her parents insane.

Annie, as she is referred to by her parents, has an extreme form of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder with high impulsivity.

Greg and Dianne Marino-Surovcik, Annie’s parents fed her the same type of  things as most other kids and her behaviour was out of control. According to her mother she would hit, kick, bite and scratch people without the ability to restrain herself. Her impulses were overwhelming.

One consistent result from countless studies carried out into the cause of ADHD is the lack of evidence that food dyes and sugar lead to the condition.

Annie’s parents decided not to restrict her diet but instead chose therapy and medication as the way to cure her. The results were good in their opinion; she was settling down at school and her behaviour was much improved at home.

“Annie is doing tremendous, she is feeling confident,” her father said.

“Amazing, she’s amazing, her grades are good at school,” her mother added.

And Annie herself spoke of her improvement, “I feel happy because I stopped doing that stuff,” she said.

Medication, while appearing to help Annie has hidden risks and is in fact a big slippery downward spiral which not only costs money but also health, whereas a healthier diet which excludes gluten (from bread, etc), milk, white rice, sugar, HFCS and food additives is a much better solution.

Consuming raw fruit and vegetables is the best possible basis for a healthy mind and body and also improves mood and general well being.

While the Food and Drug Administration explore options on food dyes and new anti-ADHD drugs – a notoriously slow process – think about adapting your child’s diet to include natural, organic food while cutting out candy and corn snacks. The health benefits will be massive and you also avoid the unpleasant side effects associated with drugs like Ritalin.

Please share your thoughts or experiences with ADHD by leaving a comment.

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