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Count on a healthy diet to cut cancer risk


A recent study reveals that a nutritious diet can cut down the risk of breast cancer. According to, the team of researchers at the Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland studied a number of dietary patterns in women who had breast cancer. The study revealed that women whose consumption of beer, wine and spirits was high had as much as 21 % more risk of falling prey to breast cancer. Out of every 100,000 women in America, more than 120 women are found to be afflicted with breast cancer every year which makes for 1 out of every 8 women.

As per, researchers believe that women can minimise the risk of breast cancer by incorporating healthy food stuff including whole grains, vegetables and fresh fruits while cutting down on alcoholic drinks. The connection of alcohol with breast cancer has been established by many previous studies according to which, the levels of Estrogen are found to be higher in women who consume alcohol and are in their postmenopausal phase. Apparently, high estrogen exposure has been linked with the disease by several studies.”As the incidence of breast cancer continues to rise, with many of the risk factors for the disease non-modifiable, potentially modifiable risk factors such as diet are of interest,” said Dr. Sarah Brennan, lead researcher, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Celebrities who have battled cancer include Lance Armstrong, Kylie Minogue, Sharon Osbourne and Christina Applegate.


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