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Continuous use of earphones may cause hearing impairments

A recent study has revealed that listening to music in iPods and MP3 players at a high volume for longer periods of time may hamper the hearing power. According to, people who are addicted to listening to music using earphones are more at risk of developing hearing ailments.

The study has been conducted by the researchers at the Royal Institute of the Deaf. The findings have revealed alarming rise in the hearing problems. Experts suggest that it is more like listening to the sound of power drill or that of jet engine for longer time periods which at times breaches past 120 decibels.

As per, as much as 58 percent of young adults in the age group of 16 to 30 years were oblivious of the hearing impairment caused by iPods and MP3 players.  Figures suggest that about 66 percent of people listen to music at volumes higher than 85 decibels. “

As clinicians come to grips with how electronic devices that afford so much pleasure may also produce harm, personal music players provide a reminder that our hunger for new technology should be accompanied by equally vigorous efforts to understand and manage the health consequences of changing lifestyles,” concluded Professor Rabinowitz, Yale University, one of the researchers.

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