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Consumption of fizzy drinks increases the risk of premature births


Women who drink more fizzy beverages are at a higher risk of giving birth to premature babies, says a health report published in This is due to the presence of artificial sweeteners present in the drinks. The study has been originally published in the journal for American

Society for clinical nutrition and claims that there was a direct relation between the amount of fizzy drinks with artificial sweeteners consumed by women and their chances of giving birth to premature babies. The study was conducted on around 60,000 women and the European Union funded the research.

According to, women who consume one diet fizzy drink each day, while they were pregnant, increased their risk of premature birthing by 38 percent.

Consuming four or more cans of the same drink can increase the risk to around 80 percent. Soft drinks that had sugar content in it showed no relation with premature births.

The British Soft Drinks Association said that “this study merits a cautious reaction. Its findings should not be over-stated.” Almost 93 percent of the premature babies in UK are born after just 28 weeks of gestation period.

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