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Consume eggs to cut down calorie consumption


A recent study has revealed that consuming eggs for breakfast takes care of the hunger while cutting down the calorie consumption during the day. As per, the team of researchers conducted the study on a group of 21 men, some of whom were given protein rich breakfast which included eggs while others were given carbohydrate rich breakfast which included bagels. The calorie count of both the breakfast was equal. The findings were based on the post-breakfast hunger and the calorie intake following the two types of breakfast.

According to, it was found that people who consumed eggs in breakfast recorded for a lesser calorie intake during the day when they were served buffet lunch whereas people who consumed bagels in breakfast seemed to have consumed more calories. In addition, men who had eggs also felt less hungry and were contented for three hours following the protein rich breakfast.

The scientists remarked at the growing evidence about the need of protein rich diet for good health and went on to stress on the intake of proteins in breakfast. “We examined two typical American breakfasts, and the participants’ self-reported appetite ratings reveal that a protein-rich breakfast helps keep hunger at bay.” said Maria Luz Fernandez, lead researcher.

Celebrities who have publicly tried to lose weight include Kirstie Alley, Oprah Winfrey and Sharon Osbourne.


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