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Coffee intake helps cut down the risk of oral cancer


A recent health study has claimed that consuming coffee on regular basis helps fight several types of cancers. According to, the health study has found that people who regularly consume four cups of coffee on daily basis are at lesser risk of developing oral cancers.

However, since a large number of previous studies have established side effects and ill effects of coffee intake on regular basis, researchers suggest drawing a line and consuming coffee in moderation. The research study has been conducted by researchers from America, Europe and Central America.

As reported by, a cup of coffee contains more than 1000 chemicals which include antioxidants. These antioxidants may help prevent several kinds of cancer. The research study was carried out on 5,000 cancer affected patients and 9000 healthy people.

The researchers checked the diet, and lifestyle habits like drinking and smoking among these people. It was found that people who consumed coffee had 39 percent lesser chances of developing oral cancer or pharynx cancer as compared to those who abstained from coffee.

“We had a very large sample size, and since we combined data across many studies, we had more statistical power to detect associations between cancer and coffee,” concluded Mia Hashibe, lead author of the study.

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with various types cancer include Michael C. Hall, Dennis HopperAndrew Lloyd Weber, and Melanie Griffith, who had skin cancer removed from her face.


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