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Coffee every day may keep the doctor away


A study conducted on 130,000 men and women found that despite the popular belief that coffee can cause the heart to go into palpitations, drinking moderate amounts every day can actually protect the heart from rhythm disturbances.

Study participants who drank between one and three cups of coffee a day were at a seven percent lower risk, the Daily Mirror reports.

But that’s not all: the study suggests that drinking more coffee lower the risk of arrhythmia. The scientists found that those participants who consumed four or more cups of coffee every day had a risk reduction of rhythm disturbances of a staggering 18 percent.

Cardiologist Dr. Arthur Klatsky and his colleagues followed the participants of the study, who were between 18 and 90 years old, as a part of Kaiser Permanente’s Division of Research project.

While the data from the study suggests drinking coffee lowers the risk of heart rhythm problems, other factors, including the physical activity and general diet of the participants, have not been linked to the findings.

“Coffee drinking is related to lower risk of hospitalization for rhythm problems, but the association does not prove cause and effect, or that coffee has a protective effect,” the Telegraph quotes Dr. Klatsky as saying.  “However, these data might be reassuring to people who drink moderate amounts of coffee that their habit is not likely to cause a major rhythm disturbance.”

Celebrities who have had heart problems include Jennie GarthElizabeth TaylorBill Clinton and Robin Williams.


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