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Chokeberry helps regulate body weight, reduces cholesterol


A recent study has revealed that chokeberry works like an antioxidant and helps regulate weight. According to, chokeberry contains high level of certain anthocyanins which help in weight gain regulation as well as in maintaining blood glucose. The research study was conducted by a team of scientists as a part of American Society for Nutrition programme. The study was carried out on a number of rats who at first were fed a diet rich in fructose for a period of 6 weeks in order to turn them pre-diabetic. Thereafter, they were divided into two groups; while one group was made to consume pure water the other group was given water with certain proportions of extracts of chokeberry.

Black chokeberries

As per, at the end of the study both groups were tested on several counts including body fat, body weight and glucose regulation among others. The findings revealed that the group which was given water with chokeberry extracts reported for decreased levels of blood glucose, as well as lesser cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and plasma triglycerides. The team of scientists said that the study “provides evidence that the chokeberry extract inhibits weight gain in insulin-resistant animals and that it modulates multiple genes associated with adipose tissue growth, blood glucose regulation, and inflammatory pathways.”

Celebrities who have battled weight problems include Oprah WinfreyKirstie Alley, Sara Rue and Sharon Osbourne.


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