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Chinese New Year – year of the peace loving rabbit 兔年


恭禧發財 – Happy new year!

It´s Chinese New Year and we ease out of the year of the tiger and into the year of the rabbit (兔年)

Having put the tiger behind them, the Chinese people are looking at a new dawn of discussion and contemplation, strong community and quiet dignity. The tiger represents a creature that finds no value in monetary power, and is honest – expecting the same in return. It does however need assurance and approval from its peers and family, something the quietly self-assured rabbit is free of.

Year of the rabbit

The rabbit is the 4th cycle in 12 that the Chinese zodiac follows, and comes at a good time, if Chinese proverbs are to be believed. They believe that people born in a given year will follow the examples of the animals they are born under – this new year being the rabbit.

The peace loving creature brings a hope that future generations will find a leadership that avoids conflict and cares for its family and community.  Certainly given the current climate in the world, with all the unrest and economic collapses occurring, the sooner that generation comes the better.

So perhaps the future of China for this year will be meeker, and despite them seemingly leading the way in the world; certainly in the eyes of many in the west who envy the Chinese leadership; there is always room for a little more humility.

That said, HAPPY NEW YEAR 兔年


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