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Chillies helpful in lowering blood pressure, study says


A new health report published in suggests that eating foods that numb the mouth like chilies will help in lowering down the blood pressure. The reason for the heat in the peppers is presence of the compound known as capsaicin. This compound has been found out to relax the blood vessels.

The research was done on rats and a group of hypersensitive rats were fed capsaicin rich diet. The research was conducted at the third Military Medical University in China. The rats that were given the diet experienced a fall in their blood pressure. The study and its findings have been published in Cell Metabolism Journal.

According to, the ingredient in the chillies activates a receptor channel that is present in the blood vessel lining. Due to this, more quantity of nitric oxide is produced and protects the blood vessels against dysfunction and inflammation.

Further studies need to be done to know what amount of chillies will be required to have positive effects on the bodies of the humans. The study was led by professor Zhiming Zhu and he said that 20% of the people in north eastern china are suffering from hypertension and the percentage is much less in the south western parts where the people eat more spicy food.

One of the results of blood pressure abnormalities is heart disease. Celebrities who have had problems with their hearts include Jennie GarthRobin WilliamsBill Clintonand Barbara Walters.


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