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Cherry juice speeds marathon recovery process


A recent study has found that drinking cherry juice helps recover from the exhaustion of racing. According to, athletes who consumed cherry juice prior to the race as well as following the race were able to recover way faster and better than the racers whose intake was restricted to mere dummy drinks. Apparently, the study found that antioxidant vitamins known as anthocyanins present in the tart cherry juices help the body in damage resistance and playa vital role in the repair system of the body.

As per, the study was conducted on about 20 racers who participated in the London marathon. While some of the runners were made to drink cherry juice twice daily for 5 days before the marathon and 2 days subsequent to the race getting over, others were given placebo drinks for the same number of days before and after the marathon.

It was found that racers who consumed cherry juice were able to recover faster by almost 48 hours.

“The phytochemicals, in particular, anthocyanins found in Montmorency cherries have anti-inflammatory and antioxidating properties, which the research has shown to be effective in helping exercises to recover from strenuous physical activity” explained Dr Glyn Howatson, the lead researcher at the Northumbria University.

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