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Cherry juice- a new cure for insomnia


One out of four adults suffers from insomnia and one out of five do not get more than five hours of sleep at night. The study was led by Dr Wilfred Pigeon from the University of Rochester. According to, he believes that the juice contains high levels of melatonin which is a sleep-wake cycle regulating hormone. The team of researchers took into consideration the sleeping patterns of the participants on two routines.

In the first routine, the participants had to drink cherry juice and in the second they had to consume some other fruit juice. It was noticed that during the first routine, the people slept for 17 more minutes. According to Dr. Pigeon, ‘Given the side-effects of some medications, it is encouraging to have a natural alternative.’

Cherry juice can help insomniacs in getting a good night’s sleep, claims a health report published by

The research to prove the fact was done on volunteers who were made to drink one glass of unsweetened cherry juice in evening as well as in the morning.

As a result of the study, it was seen that the volunteers were able to sleep better when they consumed cherry juice as compared to when they had other juices. Insomnia is common and it is a challenge for the medical fraternity to cure it. During the research, the volunteers who consumed cherry juice were able to sleep longer.

One celebrity who suffers from a sleep disorder is Rosie O’Donnell, who has sleep apnea. Another celebrity who suffers from a sleep disorder is Jimmy Kimmel, who continues to battle narcolepsy.


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