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Chemicals found responsible for early puberty in girls

A recent study has found that certain chemicals found in the shower curtains, food cans and toys are the triggering agents for early puberty. According to, these chemicals are also responsible for posing increased risk of diabetes and cancer. The study was conducted in the wake of concern over the decreasing puberty age in girls which has seen a fall from ten years and three months to almost nine years of age now at the end of one generation.
As per, the study has revealed that three chemicals are to be blamed for a disrupted timing of the age of puberty namely- phytoestrogens, phenols and phthalates. The test was conducted on about 1,151 girls who were examined for the concentration of the chemicals in their bodies. It was found that girls who had higher amounts of these chemicals reached their puberty earlier than others who had moderate amounts of these chemicals.
In addition, findings suggested that girls who were overweight also recorded for early puberty than their healthy counterparts.  While Phthalates are found in cosmetics, Phenols are used in the production of food cans and Phytoestrogens are substances found in bread, soya and nuts. Dr Mary Wolff, one of the researchers concluded ‘While more research is needed, these data are an important first step in continuing to evaluate the impact of these common environmental agents in putting girls at risk.’
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