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Cereal Killer: Is breakfast cereal really good for you?


Stars like super ethical Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, Madonna and that Paltrow girl famous for marrying a British musician, are just a few of the world’s favorite celebrities who are vehement about their health, looks and adhere to strict beneficent regimes, are testament to a healthy lifestyle, even when captured by the papparazzi first thing in the morning before they’ve put their Photoshop on or eaten their honey nut loops.

If breakfast cereal is supposedly a healthy start to the day, packed with vitamins and other beneficial elements that keep us healthy and svelte, then how come these A-listers avoid them like they were a plague of rabid locusts intent on eating the eyeballs of their young?

Yeah, bye.

The cereal giants would have us believe that these innocent flakes of wheat or corn that closely resemble reconstituted cardboard are the perfect breakfast: veritable powerhouses of vitamin this and that; tasty, filling, nutritious, wholesome and heart friendly. But as far back as 1970, criticisms have been levelled at these products accusing them of being little more than junk overladen with sugar and salt, and with dubious quality vitamins added to them during processing to endeavour to replace any goodness that had been beaten out of the product during its manufacturing. Not as catchy a strapline as ‘They’re grrrrrrreat!’, I’ll grant you.

Long ago, when Kellogg’s Cornflakes was a newish product, it was found necessary to remove the germ of the corn (the nutritious part), as it quickly turned rancid. Further processing consists of toasting at such high temperatures (up to 300 degrees Celsius) and results in any remaining nutritious elements being destroyed. Manufacturers must therefore ‘fortify’ the product with spray-on vitamins. A claim they proudly emblazon their packaging with. Indeed.

The truth is that these processed ‘food’ items are anything but benign and have been proven to be no more beneficial than the colourful packaging with its dubious health claims, that they arrive in. In fact, in an experiment on rats (sorry rats), with group A being fed on a diet of ground cereal box packets combined with milk and raisins, and group B fed on the packets’ contents, group A were the healthier, although apparently some of the rats in group A remarked that the small plastic toy (assembled by blind infants kept in dark pits in third-world countries, and paid in a combined currency of slaps and punches), to be gimmicky and worthless although probably a very useful method for marketing their products to young minds and getting cancer into them at an early age. A worry that every parent rightly harbours. How do you get little Annie to eat up her carcinogenic, sugar coated, ADHD enhancing paper flakes?

Yes, one very sinister side effect of all this industrial over-processing of cereal is that it causes the production of a substance called Acrylamide. Doesn’t sound too noxious, but is a known carcinogen in animals and is classified as a probable carcinogen in humans. That’s ‘probably’, not ‘possibly’.

In water, governmental agencies have set strict limits on acceptable levels. A single bag of chips contains 500 times the acceptable level of acrylamide than the permitted level in water. Extremely high levels are also found in supermarket french fries, crispbreads and dear old beneficial breakfast cereals.

In the UK last year, Kellogg’s spent approximately £50million on advertising their healthful products as the ideal start to the day. Don’t buy their claims – it’s crap.

In fact, in the western world, breakfast is probably the most unhealthy meal of the day for most. The irony being, that many or most of us innocently absorb the manufacturers false claims and eat their flawed comestibles on a regular basis, really believing that we are making an informed decision and choosing a product that will help keep us healthy and trim. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact ‘nothing’ bought a ticket on a skyrocket and was catapaulted so far into space it penetrated several different galaxies finally landing on the farthest side of furthest planet in the most remote galaxy from where ‘truth’ is.

If you squint real hard you can see a tiny resemblance. No wait; no you can't.

In the UK, the infamous English breakfast, consisting of fried bacon, fried sausage, fried egg, fried baked beans and embellished with great puddles of fried tomato ketchup, (that probably bears as much resemblence to tomatoes as the Pope bears to New York’s Central Station, is oft-shunned by those seeking to lead healthier lives in favour of these carcinogenic, sorry, probably carcinogenic turds of pulp), and washed down with a cup of fried tea.

If you really want a healthy start to your day, begin it with a freshly made smoothie; organic porridge with mixed fruit and nuts; fruit salad and yoghurt; granary toast with nut butter, or anything else that isn’t made from cheap, subsidised, low quality ingredients, that doesn’t propose false health claims and that doesn’t contain the for-a-limited-time only, surprise gift of cancer… probably.

Snap, crackle and pop? Sick, cancerous and dead, more like.

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