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Cancer risk lower in men with eczema and asthma history


A new health report published in says that men who have had asthma or eczema face a lower risk of getting affected by cancer. This report comes from a study that was conducted by researchers at the Institut Armand Frappier in McGill University and Universite de Montreal.

The research shows that men who had eczema have lower risk of suffering from lung cancer and men who had asthma face a lower risk of stomach cancer.

These two diseases are the cause of a hyper-active immune system that removes the abnormal body cells and thus reduces cancer risk as well.

According to, the study was conducted on 3,300 men with cancer aged between 35 and 70 years and also a group of 512 people who did not have such a problem. Data was collected from these subjects to develop connection between allergies and cancer.

The study was helpful in developing dimensions to know more about immune and molecular systems. This in turn helped to know more about immunostimulation that is one of the conditions for preventing cancer.

The Medical Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society along with Canadian Institutes of Health Research funded the study.

Celebrities who suffer from eczema include LeAnn Rimes.


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