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Caffeine helps shift workers stay alert


A recently conducted study has revealed that consumption of caffeine may help people working in shifts stay alert for longer time leading to reduced mistakes. According to, the research incorporated a number of people working in various shifts for different industries mainly those of who were working under stimulated working atmosphere. The researchers studied the findings of thirteen trials to examine the impact of caffeine. Caffeine content was given in the form of pills, coffee, caffeinated food items or energy drinks. The research study was conducted by a team of Cochrane researchers.

As reported by, people working in shifts suffer from shift work disorder (SWD) which is mainly caused due to changed body clock leading to lesser sleep which can further lead to serious consequences like occupational injuries and traffic crashes among others. The findings of the study revealed that consumption of caffeine helps reduce the errors at work place in a better way as compared to naps or placebos and also helps improve overall performance on neurological level.

“It seems reasonable to assume that reduced errors are associated with fewer injuries, although we cannot quantify such a reduction,”¬†concluded Katharine Ker, lead researcher of the study.


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