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Brittany Murphy’s husband’s autopsy report out, reveals death due to pneumonia


The autopsy report of Simon Monjack, husband of Brittany Murphy,  is out and has revealed that he suffered from some serious illnesses before he died, says a report published on Simon Monjack was battling pneumonia, heart problems and grand mal seizures.

Simon revealed to his family that he needed a triple bypass surgery because of a leaky valve in the heart. He had a heart attack in the year 2009 and it was known that he was surviving with just one kidney. The autopsy report has revealed that the major cause behind his death was bronchopneumonia but there were some other causes as well like cardiomegaly with focal myocardial fibrosis.

According to the report in, when Monjack was found dead, there was an oxygen cylinder and some prescription medicine bottles in the room that belonged to Sharon Murphy, mother of Brittany.

A number of drugs like Actetaminophen, Pregabalin, Lorazepam, among others were found in Simon’s body but they were not the cause of his death. Monjack was found dead in his room after five months of the death of Brittany Murphy.  However, it is being said that there were no illegal drugs present in the house where Brittany and Simon used to live.

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