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Breathing through the mouth blamed for health problems


A recent study has revealed that pollen of certain spring flowers are to be blamed for the increase in seasonal allergies and can also lead to a health problem known as mouth breathing. According to, if the problem of mouth breathing does not get treated during the early stages, it might end up causing problems and adversely affect the dental and facial development like crooked teeth, gummy smiles, narrow or long faces.

As per, people tend to visit dentists more often as compared to their health physicians. As such, dentists are more likely to know about the general symptoms associated with mouth breathing. Since dentists are aware of the problems that mouth breathing can cause, they can guide the patients about the ill effects of mouth breathing. Mouth breathing is also responsible for causing odd sleeping habits which can further lead to poor academic performance.

“After surgery and/or orthodontic intervention, many patients show improvement in behavior, energy level, academic performance, peer acceptance and growth,” said Leslie Grant, one of the researchers. He went on to add “Seeking treatment for mouth breathing can significantly improve quality of life.” The study was published in the latest issue of General Dentistry, a clinical journal.


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