Breastfeeding helps keep baby infections at bay

A recently study has unleashed yet another benefit of breastfeeding one’s baby. According to, breastfeeding makes infants more resistant to various infections. The study also talks about several other measures taken to ensure a baby’s good health, like vaccinations, although the most importance was placed on breastfeeding. The study involved nearly 1,000 infants who had also been vaccinated.It was emphasized that for the full benefits, the baby should only be fed breast milk, as mixing it with bottled milk did not yield the same results.

As reported by, out of 926 infants who were observed for 12 months, only 91 babies were fed breast milk for six months. These babies were reported to have less infections in the first year of their life than those who were partially breast fed or were not breast fed at all. And the infection they did pick up were only minor. Speaking about the findings, researchers maintained that “Mothers should be advised by health professionals that, in addition to all the other benefits, exclusive breastfeeding helps prevent infections in babies and lessens the frequency and severity of infectious episodes.”

Another study has revealed that women who engage in moderate exercise during pregnancy give birth to healthier babies and according to yet another study has indicated that women who tend to smoke during their pregnancy imposea risk of infertility in their sons.


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