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Breast milk could cure acne


Researchers have found that a cream derived from lauric acid, which is found in breast milk, can beat acne. Lauric acid has been found to reduce skin irritations and pimples.

While other forms of medication, including creams and antibiotics, can have some side effects – including red skin, dryness and burning – a cream made with the natural acid promises to treat the symptoms of acne without any side effects.

According to The Daily Mail, scientists are currently continuing their research by combing lauric acid with tiny gold particles, which will then carry the acid into the pores of the skin where it can fight the bacteria.

Acne is a skin condition experienced by nearly all adults at some stage in their lives to varying degrees of severity. Pus-filled lumps, commonly referred to as pimples, appear on the surface of the skin as a result of a blocked up hair follicle (or pore). Sebum, the oil naturally produced by skin, becomes trapped in the follicle and bacteria begin to grow, causing inflammation and producing pus.

Actress Cameron Diaz and singer Jessica Simpson are known to have battled with acne.

Celebrities suffering from other skin conditions include British singer Seal, who suffers from lupus and LeAnn Rimes, who has eczema.


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