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Breast cancer survivors who smoke are at greater risk of second cancer


A recent study has revealed that survivors of breast cancer who have a habit of smoking may fall prey to a second  cancer.

According to, women smokers who have survived breast cancer once are 2 to 6 times more likely to develop cancer in the other breast or other places in the body.  The study was conducted by researchers at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Researchers pinpointed several reasons for cancer revival in the body of a survivor including smoking, alcohol intake and obesity.

Smoking breast cancer survivors could at risk of developing other cancers due to the habit

As reported by, the study looked at 796 cases of breast cancer survivors. It was found that after fifteen years of breast cancer treatment, women who smoked were found to be at a far greater risk of developing cancer in the other breast or in some other part of the body in comparison to non smoking breast cancer survivors.

“We believe this study looks at the largest subgroup of women to date on this topic. These new data are significant in that they show women can exercise some control over a known risk factor for developing a new second cancer,” said lead reseacher Bruce G. Haffty.

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