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Breakthrough in AIDS treatment- two drugs identified to treat the condition


Two new drugs have been identified by the researchers to provide effective treatment for HIV, says a report published in The research has been done by the researchers at University of Minnesota Academic Health Center on drugs Decitabine and Gemicitabine, which are currently used to treat cancer.

The researchers used mice to find out the effectiveness of the above mentioned drugs that are already FDA approved. The combination of these two drugs had a direct effect on the AIDS virus and in the process; the virus mutated itself to death. The researchers are hopeful that the drugs will work in the same manner in humans and will offer hope to the patients.

The findings of this study have been published in the Journal of Virology, says the report in The process, by which the AIDS virus mutates itself due to the drugs, has been named as lethal mutagenesis by the researchers. In the new research, the mutation rate of the virus has been increased. This makes the virus to act against itself. No toxic side effects were noticed in the research.

The researchers are now doing further studies and finding ways to convert the drugs into suitable form that can be taken orally by the patients.

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