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Breakfast rich in fats promotes good health


A recent research conducted by a team of researchers at the University of Alabama in Birmingham has revealed that starting the day with food content rich in fat is one healthy option because it holds the capacity of preventing metabolism syndrome.  According to, the metabolic syndrome is described by insulin resistance, abdominal obesity, high triglycerides and other risk factors related to cardiovascular disease.

As per, the research was conducted on a number of mice and the change in the development of metabolic syndrome was recorded depending upon the type of food and the timing of consumption. These mice were divided into two groups, where one of the groups was fed with a meal rich in fats in the morning, later confirmed to have normal metabolic rate. The other group of mice which was given a meal rich in carbohydrate in the breakfast, ended up consuming fat rich meal during the end of the day and ultimately recorded for an increase in weight glucose intolerance, adiposity and other factors related to metabolic syndrome.

“Humans eat a mixed diet, and our study, which we have repeated four times in animals, seems to show that if you really want to be able to efficiently respond to mixed meals across a day then a meal in higher fat content in the morning is a good thing,” said professor Molly Bray, the lead author of the study.

Celebrities who have battled obesity inlcude Oprah Winfrey, Sharon OsbourneandKirstie Alley.


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