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Brain stimulation can reduce epileptic seizures


A recent study conducted by researchers from Stanford University claims that deep brain stimulation may reduce epileptic seizures in patients who fail to respond to other treatments.

According to, the study involved implanting electrodes in patient’s brain and then monitoring the frequency of their seizures. It was found that patients who received the stimulation showed a 41 percent decline in partial as well as generalized seizures, while patients who were put on drug treatment showed only 14.5 percent reduction in seizures.

BBC news quoted the Deputy chief executive at UK charity Epilepsy Action, Simon Wigglesworth as saying: “We have been hopeful for some time that deep brain stimulation may be a treatment option for some people with epilepsy. This study is exciting news and could be an important development in the treatment of epilepsy in the 30% of people whose seizures don’t respond to traditional drug therapies.”

The treatment may prove to be a good option to reduce epileptic seizures but can cause serious complications. Lead author of the study and director of the Epilepsy Centre at Stanford University, Dr Robert Fisher cautioned: “DBS therapy is invasive and serious complications can occur. Additional clinical knowledge would help to determine the best candidates for DBS therapy.”

The research was published in the online Epilepsia journal.

Celebrities who have suffered from epilepsy are Lethal Weapon actor Danny Glover and Prince.

Image:; Author: Jens Langner

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