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Bowel cancer drug therapy may help treat vision loss


A recently conducted study has revealed that a drug used for treating bowel cancer can be beneficial in treating eye diseases. According to, Bevacizumab, a drug therapy used for treating patients suffering from bowel cancer may help cure people with several eye problems, including age-related macular degeneration (AMD), responsible for partial vision loss.

The study was conducted by researchers at the Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Bevacizumab is an unlicensed and highly economical drug, as compared to Ranibizumab, which is a licensed drug used for dealing with vision loss. As per the researchers at the eye hospital, bowel drug Bevacizumab is a better drug therapy for AMD than many of the alternative treatments.

As reported by, the bowel drug therapy was given to about 131 patients suffering from AMD wherein half of the people were treated with Bevacizumab while the rest half were kept on placebo treatment.  The findings of the study revealed that a year later people treated with Bevacizumab recorded to have better vision.

At present, researchers are comparing the results of Bevacizumab to that of Ranibizumab. If the results prove out to be as per the expectations, Bevacizumab might become a licensed drug for treating the eye disease.  The research study was recently published in the British Medical Journal.

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