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Bond with friends to live longer


A recently conducted study has revealed that people who have little or no social interaction are at greater risk of dying early than those who are social. According to, a team of researchers have analysed the data of 148 studies that involved 300,000 individuals and concluded that people who are socially connected live for about 3.7 years more than others.

The study has come as an eye opener for people who give no importance to having friends and mingling with people. During the study, researchers also compared the ramifications of having no friends with alcoholics and obese.

As a result of which they established that living a life in total seclusion leads to risk of mortality faced by alcoholics and obese or physically inactive beings.

As reported by, the researchers also stated that friends can make life easier on a day-today level. Bert Uchino, lead researcher of the study from Brigham Young University went on to add: “They can lend you money, offer lifts or provide baby-sitting. They can also encourage you to have better health practices, see a doctor, exercise more. They may also help you indirectly by making you feel you have something to live for.”

He concluded that people should maintain their relationships with friends as for those who do not have any, should try and develop some.

Several celebrities have battled obesity. These include Sharon Osbourne,Oprah WinfreyJohn Candy and Kirstie Alley.


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