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Blame sleep deprivation for drug abuse in teens


A recent study has revealed that poor sleeping patterns in youngsters drive them to take drugs. According to, behaviors like obesity, smoking, altruism are contagious. Contrary to the popular belief that drug abuse has a negative effect on an individual’s sleep, researchers have now found that a loss or lack of sleep may lead adolescents to use drugs. Therefore, as a socially connected being, one needs to keep a check on a particular behavioral pattern because it has a tendency to affect the life of the person and his friends in more ways than one.

As suggested by the study, if the parents, schools or the law enforcement authorities wish to curtail the abuse of drugs among adolescents, they first need to target sleeping patterns. The study has been conducted by the researchers at the University of California, San Diego and Harvard University.


Sara C. Mednick, researcher at the University of California said: “This is our first investigation of the spread of illegal drug use in social networks. We believe it is also the first study in any age population on the spread of sleep behaviors through social networks.” As per, the suggestions for lifestyle changes suggested by the team of researchers include keeping TV sets out of child’s bedroom, restricting usage of phone to daytime only and promoting nap culture at home.

Celebrities who have battled drug addictions include Johnny CashDrew BarrymoreLiza Minnelli,Lindsay Lohan and Mickey Rourke, to name only a few.


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