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Blame loneliness for high blood pressure


A Recent study has revealed that loneliness is the cause of high blood pressure issues in older people. The study has been conducted by the researchers at the University of Chicago. According to the team of researchers studied lifestyle of about 229 people aged between 50 to 68 years. The study was conducted over a period of five years, which showed a clear link between loneliness expressed by the people at the beginning of the study and the rising blood pressure over that period. The team of researchers also considered the possibility of depression and stress to be the cause of rising BP, however, the factors proved out to be insufficient for the problem among the elderly-lonely lot.

“Loneliness behaved as though it is a unique health-risk factor in its own right,” said researcher Louise Hawkley, Senior Research Scientist with the Center for Cognitive and Social Neuroscience and a part of the University of Chicago team.

As per, the study has revealed that from among all the people, the loneliest group saw their BP rise by almost 14.4 mm which was way more than the people who were socially contented over the period of the study. It was established from the research that apprehensions which lonely people live with regarding their social connections might be the underlying cause of increasing blood pressure levels.

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