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Bananas could prevent spread of HIV


Proteins in Bananas can actually prevent the spread of HIV, the University of Michigan study reveals. According to, researchers have found a chemical called Ban Lec that can stop the HIV virus from entering the human body. The recent study also revealed that this lectin in bananas binds with a certain element of sugar and inhibits the spread of HIV.

In a recent study to be published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry , the researchers have found that Ban Lec can be a cheap anti- HIV medication which might block the spread of other fatal viruses also. According to, senior author and professor at the University of Michigan, David Markovitz said: “Women in the developing world have little control over whether or not men use a condom, finding an HIV-inhibitor that could block the transmission of the disease using a topically applied vaginal microbicide could help give them a better chance of preventing infection.”

According to this study, Ban Lec, a chemical found in banana is a more affordable and effective option to prevent the spread of HIV in women which can save thousands of lives. A study author from the department of immunology, Michael D. Swanson was quoted as saying: “The problem with some HIV drugs is that the virus can mutate and become resistant, but that’s much harder to do in the presence of lectins.”

Celebrities who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS include Magic Johnson and Liberace.


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