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Average couple has sex 104 times before falling pregnant


A new health study published in says that an average couple has intercourse 104 times before the female partner falls pregnant. The report has revealed that when a woman tries to conceive her first baby, it takes an average of six months for her to become pregnant.

During this time, the women have sex around four times in a particular week. Some of the women were too eager to conceive that they called back their spouse home from work during the time of their ovulation, the report found out. The study to find out these facts was done on 3,000 mothers. Out of the whole lot of women 70% of them wanted their first child to be a result of a spontaneous love making session and not of an on-demand sex session.

People who are not trying to conceive should keep in mind that some couples may get pregnant even on their first sex encounter, says the report in Thus, they have been advised to use the required precautions to be on the safer side. According to the study, two thirds of the women conceive before they could expect.

Most of the women prefer to wait to get pregnant while some try having sex at every possible opportunity. The women tried to appear sexy in front of their man in order to woo him when they were trying to have a baby.

Some couples found sex to be boring when they were trying too hard to start a family. According to Dr. Smith, who was the part of the research team, ‘It’s an extremely anxious time and many women want to find out whether they are expecting a child as soon as possible.’

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