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Autism may have genetic connections


A recent study has revealed that autism may have certain genetic connections. According to, siblings of children who are diagnosed autistic are more likely to fall prey to the disease themselves. These findings have led to several investigations probing into the biological basis of the disease.

The latest study was conducted by a group of researchers at Princeton University and the Institute for Advanced Studies and revealed that together with two previously acknowledged genes which were found to be responsible for the disease, a new gene called molecule 2 or NCAM2 has now also been linked to autism. NCAM2 is generally found in the hippocampus region of the brain which is also associated with the disease.

Certain genes may determine whether or not a child is born with autism

As reported by, the study has provided further evidence that the disease holds its basis in the genes, which also affect the neural profile.

 “While mutations in the NCAM2 gene were found in a small percentage of the children that we studied, it is fascinating that this finding continues a consistent story — that many of the genes associated with autism are involved with formation or function of the neural synapse,” explained Dr. Ning Lei, lead researcher.

Image: Mark Cummins and ynse

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