Artificial pancreas and raw diet can help pregnant women with type 1 diabetes

An “artificial pancreas” has successfully been used in tests, and it is now believed that it could be used to help pregnant women with type 1 diabetes complete a healthy pregnancy.

The report will be good news for pregnant women with type 1 diabetes as the illness has been linked to stillbirths and foetal deformity. British students at Cambridge University spearheaded the research and used a “closed-loop insulin delivery system” (artificial pancreas) on 10 pregnant women with Type 1 diabetes. Their studies conclude that the device delivered the perfect amount of insulin at consistently correct times (especially at night) and the women maintained almost normal blood sugar levels.

Looking good at 67 years of age, Gabriel Cousens MD is a raw food guru

“To discover an artificial pancreas can help maintain near-normal glucose levels in these women is very promising,” said leading researcher Helen Murphy.

The artificial pancreas consists of a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and an insulin pump, so when the levels drop too low the pump kicks in and delivers the correct does of insulin.

The risk in pregnancy has always been when the mother-to-be is sleeping and hypoglycaemia occurs (a drop in blood glucose levels), but this new device could see an end to that particular problem.

Type 1 diabetes sufferers, if not treated properly can suffer massive internal damage, as when the body is unable to break down sugars it can lead to blood vessel and nerve damage, and ultimately potentially deadly organ failure.

While the artificial pancreas is a simple but exciting medical breakthrough, Dr. Gabriel Cousens MD has been not only treating, but also curing both type 1 and 2 diabetes a different way.

The good doctor is a proponent of the raw vegan movement who has been extolling the virtues of the raw food diet for a number of years. At his “Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre” in Arizona he has used raw food to heal a great number of ailments in people, but perhaps most notably – diabetes.

He carried out a study by inviting five people to his retreat on the premise that they commit to a full 30 day program of raw food, by the end of which they would be cured of diabetes.

[adsense]The study has been well documented since, and while only two of the subjects managed to get themselves not only insulin free but also managed excellent weight loss, the test was a complete success – because the other three subjects either gave up or sneaked in cooked food and alcohol.

Raw food is still living, so when you consume raw you also take in the living energy of the plant. Cooking your food kills that energy, and meat especially creates insulin-resistance (pre-diabetes) which leads to full blown diabetes. The change to raw can be a slow process as you have to overcome food addictions and ideals, but the health returns, physically and psychology, are incredible.

The cost of an artificial pancreas is still unknown, and of course, is still very much a prototype which needs more exploration and testing. Raw food on the other hand is a cheaper and healthier, life sustaining option for those with the desire to live longer and happier lives.

See Dr Gabriel Cousens working his magic in the video below:

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  8. Such a load of bull. Tried the raw food program. Didn’t cure me. (I’m a type 1) In the documentary he makes it seems as though you are cured through raw food. Then in the book he admits he didn’t actually cure anyone of type 1 with raw food but he shared e-mails with a doctor who claims he cured type 1’s with enzyme therapy. Cousins adds enzyme therapy pills to his raw food diet but never mentions this in the documentary. Tried them both. Neither worked.

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