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Are mass animal deaths a precursor to human experiments?


Arkansas has seen an alarming number of wild animal deaths in the past week. First reported were red-wing blackbirds literally dropping from the sky, littering rooftops, gardens, driveways and streets; and three days ago around 100,000 fish washed up dead on the shores of the Arkansas River.

Arkansas may have been worst hit but it is not the only region to suffer. Southern Louisiana witnessed some 500 more red-wing blackbirds died, bay shores of Chesapeake have been covered by thousands more dead fish, and in the UK thousands of dead crabs have appeared on beaches around the south coast.

It would be wise to take an interest in the reasons these phenomena are occurring as the long term implications are that they could begin to impact on human lives.

Scientists are claiming that the mass deaths of animals we’re seeing so early in the new year are a normal thing. Their explanations thus far state that the Arkansas fish died from disease, and the red-wing blackbirds (who underwent autopsies) were apparently killed by blunt trauma.

They have not signified whether the blunt trauma was caused by the birds hitting the ground or by something else prior to that, and they have dismissed notions of chemical involvement in the fish deaths.

These recent animal deaths are part of a bigger picture, that when viewed properly includes the vastly diminished numbers of honey bees and the endangerment of bat populations.

If the scientists claims are incorrect, then what is causing the mass animal deaths?

The validity of the scientists’ claims needs to be called into question; indeed the scientists themselves need to be investigated to prove their validity.  If the fish died of disease, how did they suddenly become so weak against whatever ‘unnamed’ disease it was that spread instantly?

One popular counter-argument to the disease theory is the introduction of new pesticides into the water supply by way of nearby GM seed manufacturers. It is well known that GE corporation, Monsanto, has a facility in Stuttgart, Arkansas and they hold patents on thousands of genetically modified food types which are able to grow after being sprayed by their flagship product, Round-Up.

This still doesn’t explain how only one variety of bird and fish died so suddenly.

Why the scientific explanations about mass animal deaths don’t make sense.

One explanation for the bird deaths in Arkansas is that hail struck the birds and killed them. An obvious flaw in that story is that the hail never reached the ground, and as birds don’t fly at the kind of altitudes where hail precipitation remains as ice, that explanation is void.

As for the fish dying of disease, only one species of fish died which indicated that they were targeted specifically. The spread of disease would affect different varieties of fish, so for 100,000 of the same variety – and only that variety – to die in one day raises too many questions. A bacteria or virus would need time to spread, starting with a few fish one day, more the next and eventually larger numbers in subsequent days.

The pattern in both sets of deaths is more consistent with poisoning.

The truth about these incidents may never reach the public eye because if there is a corporate or government agenda at work, you can rest assured the investigating scientists are on the payroll.

Political conspiracies surrounding mass animal deaths.

John P. Wheeler III died on December 31st, 2010.  He had been involved in the study of chemical and biological weapons during his time as a Pentagon aide. It is widely regarded that Wheeler had information about the use of chemical weapons as part of an experiment to test the effectiveness of air and water-born deployment; information he was set to reveal.

Last year, President Obama was forced to apologize publicly for medical experiments carried out by US soldiers on prisoners in Guatemala, a clear indication that covert experimentation is conducted by government agencies.

Some believe that these experiments are part of a bigger conspiracy which could lead to human testing, but in an age when paranoia seems to be on the rise, only time will tell whether the conspiracy theorists are right, or if the whole episode is some sort of fear mongering experiment.

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