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An hour of exercise in older women helps fight excess pounds


A recent study has discovered that exercise for about an hour daily helps keep those extra pounds away in older women with a healthy frame. According to, the research was conducted by American researchers on a group of 34,079 women who had a healthy physique at an age of 54. These women were divided in three groups. while the first group was told to engage in physical activity for 60 minutes daily, the second group exercised for 30 minutes a day and the third group exercised for lesser than thirty minutes. The results of the study apparently proved that women who engaged in moderate physical activity for 60 minutes were successful in maintaining their frame even while taking a typical diet.

As per, the study which spanned over a period of 13 years also found that women who were obese did not gain much from one hour exercise routine. Apparently, the study did not incorporate any type of dieting tricks or calorie cut down. However, the researchers maintained that it is important after a certain age to watch what one eats.”You can eat a candy bar in two minutes. Most are at least 200 calories and to burn that off requires walking for about an hour,” says Dr I-Min Lee, the lead author of the study.

Several celebrities have battled weight problems. These include Sharon Osbourne,Oprah WinfreyJohn Candy and Kirstie Alley.


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