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A new pill to provide relief from menstrual cramps


A recent discovery has given way to a new prospective drug which may help women get relief from menstrual pains. Menstrual pains are known as dysmenorrhea in medical language and are suffered by women who are in their parturiency age. These cramps are the result of uterus contractions while one is in the menstrual phase of the month. According to, the drug called VA111913 has been developed with an aim to obstruct the vasopressin hormone which is responsible for the uterus contraction.

As per, VA111913 passed the clinical trial’s first stage successfully without any significant side effects, proving the drug safe for other clinical trials. At present the drugs taken by women to ease menstrual pains include anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers and oral contraceptive pills. However, these drugs are not proved to be highly effective and remain moderately relieving which generally rid one of the symptoms instead of the main reason behind dysmenorrhea. Also, these treatments have certain side effects too including mood swings and upset stomachs.

“We hope that the drug will provide a more effective treatment option for millions of women worldwide with this painful condition,” remarked Andrzej R. Batt who works with Vantia Ltd, a UK based pharmaceutical company which is developing the drug.


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