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17 Day Diet is the latest weight loss fad


The latest flavour of the month diet is The 17 Day Diet created by Dr. Michael Moreno. The diet works in four different phases and Moreno claims the effects of the diet will last a lifetime. Didn’t Dr. Atkins say something like that?

The plan is based on shifting eating patterns just before the body recognizes and adjusts to its dietary routine, cycling the four phases in order to avoid a starvation mode scenario and promoting healthier weight loss.

According to Moreno rotating and varying the types of fruits, carbs and proteins consumed at specific times means the body can shed weight easily and quickly.

The trouble with all diets that involve shifting food types is that the body can lose out on certain required vitamins and minerals which can lead to nausea, tiredness and lethargy.

The other problem is that most people will follow the course for the first phase then switch back to their previous eating habits and gain weight again; or see the course out for 37-40 days and then revert to type, gaining weight again in the process.

While the media likes you to believe that there is a ‘secret’ to weight loss, there really isn’t one. The real problem is that virtually all mass produced food contains sugar in one form or another which is the greatest contributor to weight gain and diabetes.

Even things like bread and savoury foods are loaded with sugar or one of its variants (high-fructose corn syrup or fructose) and while manufacturers may make bold ‘no added sugar’ claims, the alternatives they use do the same damage to our bodies.

Balanced eating habits and regular exercise are the real answer to weight loss. The protein we obtain through eating meat is actually very bad for us and has been proven to promote cancer growth, whereas a diet full of organic fruit and green, leafy vegetables is incredibly good for us all round, especially when consumed raw. Cut out things like pasteurised milk, white bread, white pasta and sugar, walk at a good pace for 30 minutes a day and you’ll soon feel a difference in yourself.

No doubt the 17 Day Diet will circulate and garner celebrity support for a while before going the way of previous fads such as The Atkins Diet and the Blood Type Diet, while raw veganism will quietly go about its healthy business as the lifestyle of choice for people who want to live a happy and healthy life.

Please share your stories about your diet and weight loss experiences by leaving a comment.

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