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Ten to eleven hours of work per day are bad for the heart


People working for more than ten hours a day are more likely to suffer from heart attacks or develop heart diseases, a study finds. According to the experts putting in extra time at work, increases the stress level which increases the risk of heart diseases by two-third. Working in long shifts puts extra stress on heart which can actually cause death.

In this research, published in the online edition of European Heart Journal, 6000 British civil servants were studied. Apart from the most common heart risk factor, smoking, the researchers have found that people who work three to four hours extra every day run60 per cent heart risk. These findings highlight the significance of work-life balance. According to, the researchers were quoted as saying, “A career-minded person will also tend to be a “Type A” personality who is highly driven, aggressive or irritable. Employees who work overtime may also be likely to work while ill – that is, be reluctant to be absent from work despite illness.” A senior cardiac nurse, British Heart foundation, Cathy Ross feels that though researchers have shown a link between long working hours and heart risks, however, this issue requires more research. reports that the researchers feel working all the time means that people have less time to unwind themselves. Dr. Marianna Virtanen, the lead author of the study from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health was quoted as saying, “If you work long hours, the fact is that you may be exposed to higher stress levels and you do not have enough time to take care of your health.”

Celebrities who have heart problems include Jennie GarthRobin WilliamsBill Clinton and Barbara Walters.


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