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TinTin inspiration Palle Huld dies aged 98


After a well publicised circumnavigation of the globe, a young Danish actor became immortalised by a Belgian artist in the late 1920’s. He passed away quietly at the age of 98 on November 26th in Copenhagen. The unruly red haired, sprightly and adventurous teenager named Palle Huld, is said to be the inspiration behind Herge’s iconic TinTin.

Tintin was probably one of the first action heroes, and although his appearance certainly didn’t suggest as much, the pixie nosed teenage reporter with his cow-licked curl and trusty sidekick Snowy travelled the world foiling criminals and carrying out good deeds.

From his humble beginnings in January 1929 after a debut in Le Petit Vingtième, (the children’s section in a Belgian newspaper), TinTin has sold over 200 million books worldwide and has been translated into several languages. To this day he retains a tremendous following.

The next major presentation of TinTin is the Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson co-production of , “The Adventures of TinTin – The Secret of the Unicorn,” which is set for release in time for Christmas.

Palle Huld was born in 1912 and made his acting debut in 1934 at the Royal Danish Theater. He remained closely associated with them for many years, and also appeared frequently in Danish films and television until he retired some ten years ago.

Palle Huld’s rise to prominence happened in 1928 when he entered a competition to honour the centennial of Jules Verne held by Politiken, a Danish newspaper. The competition winner had to re-enact the adventures of Phileas Fogg’s travels in “Around the World in Eighty Days,” (except in 46 days).

Then 15 years old, Palle embarked on his voyage on March 1st, 1928, and was shadowed by the world press as he travelled by train and steam boat through England, Scotland, Canada, Japan, the Soviet Union, Poland and Germany.

Upon his return to Copenhagen where he was greeted by 20,000 people and a very relieved mother, Huld wrote a book chronicling his adventures. The book was published in several languages, the English version entitled, “A Boy Scout Around the World.”

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