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Superhero Psyche: Spiderman


With the news that Spiderman: Reboot is taking shape we’ve decided to look at the wall crawler and some of his adversaries.  First up, the man himself – Spiderman.

Peter Parker is the young man behind the spider’s mask, a mild-mannered photographer who struggles to make ends meet while keeping his girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson happy and taking care of his ageing Aunt May.

To add even more weight to his already difficult balancing act there is the matter of his Uncle Ben’s death, something for which he feels personally responsible.

And then there’s his boss, Jonah J. Jameson, a megalomaniacal newspaper magnate who has a real grudge against Parker’s alias and uses his Daily Bugle paper as the axis for his hate campaign.

Given all these difficulties Spiderman is an incredibly well balanced character.  He still maintains high moral values and expertly juggles his private life with his super heroic acts.

A chance encounter with a radioactive spider imbued him with super dexterity, strength and web spinning mayhem, all of which get used to stop villains in their tracks.

He is driven by his desire to see good prevail but there is also an element of revenge for all the ridicule he endured at school, and of course, Uncle Ben’s death.

His only real problems are keeping his secret identity from his Aunt May, maintaining his relationship with Mary Jane Watson who has been portrayed as an aspiring actress in more recent depictions of Spidey, and fighting off love interest from Gwen Stacy (to be played by Emma Stone).

In truth, Peter Parker is – superpowers aside – a fairly normal teenager who has had to pass life’s durability tests like most other teenagers, but with the added burden of rescuing cats from trees and catching multi-limbed psychopaths on villainous rampages.

With Rhys Ifans penned to play an as yet unnamed villain in the next movie instalment, we’ll be doing some supervillain psyche profiling to whet your appetites.

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